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Lisboa Portugal

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Other information:

Name and title:Sílvia Machaqueiro, MSc

Specify status: Researcher

Email: silvia.machaqueiro@gmail.com

  • Research interests:

·         Primary Health Care

·         Health care management

·         Health policy

·         Health care funding

  • On-going projects:

·         AVALACES project – Assessment of management models of Primary Care Centre Groups in Portugal

  • Publications:

·        Machado MC, Pereira F, Machaqueiro S – Approaches to migrant health in Portugal. Eurohealth, Vol 16 (1), 2010.

·    Machado MC, Machaqueiro S – Migrant health in Portugal: Practices and  challenges.  Migration Health Report of Activities 2010. Geneva: International  Organization for Migration, 2011.

·       Machaqueiro, S.; Escoval, A.; Araújo, A.T. – A reabilitação respiratória para doentes com DPOC em Portugal. P 046. XXVIII Congresso de Pneumologia, Tróia, 9-11 Novembro 2012.


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