Background WHOCC

The Center was granted its designation for a period of 4 years (until December 2015) by the World Health Organization Headquarters and by its Regional Office for Europe.

       Its terms of reference cover three areas of work:

       Research: To contribute to WHO's effort to assess and evaluate the effectiveness and economic efficiency of health workforce policies and practices in the PALOPs (African Portuguese-Speaking Countries), Timor Leste and European Region, with an emphasis on supporting the Primary Health Care agenda. 

      Capacity strengthening: To work with WHO to help countries in their efforts to strengthen the capacity and the performance of their health workforce.

       Technical collaboration: To collaborate with WHO in supporting human resources for health regional and national policy development and implementation.

       Its main geographical areas of intervention are:

      Europe: mainly low and middle income countries, and Portugal

      Africa: mainly Portuguese-speaking countries

      Asia: Timor Leste

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