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Welcome to our Collaborating Center dedicated to the analysis of health workforce policies and planning strategies. Here you will find information about the research, capacity development and technical assistance activities of IHMT in relation to human resources for health. You will also be kept informed of whats happens elsewhere in that important field and have access to useful documents and tools. This web site is dynamic and I invite you to visit us frequently and to contribute ideas and suggestions.

Prof. Gilles Dussault


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WHO Colaborating Center on Health Workforce Policy and Planning

Rua da Junqueira Nº100
1349-008 Lisbon

+351 213 652 600 (General Phone)
+351 213 632 105 (Fax)
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Useful tools

·         CapacityPlus iHRIS Retain -An open source tool to cost health worker retention interventions: http://bit.ly/PkR7KG

·         The Allaince for Health Reform announces A toolkit: the physician workforce”- A compilation of several studies regarding the physician workforce thematics.

·         The Human Resources for Health Toolkit: ActionFramework (HAF) - This toolkit brings together a set of existing tools that are in use for various aspects of country level HRH development, including situation analysis, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.


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